my account is a safe space for you, hoping my fics would comfort you in any way at all :) !
just know that no matter what, you are valid and you matter to me the most ♡
thank you so much for being you ❀
i'll try my best to be there for you if you want to talk things out (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)

ronnie !

she/her 06' liner

panromantic demisexual

infj-t virgo nerd?

yays !
enemies to lovers, fake relationships, arranged marriage, soulmate au, single parents, tooth-rotting fluff, hurt/comfort, zombie apocalypse au
nays !
love triangle, slow burn, unrequited love, high-school au, unhappy ending, angst, major character death, non-con (i don't hate most, i'm just not that fond of them)
♡༉‧₊ enhypen, exo, nct, svt, golcha, kpop, anime, twosetviolin, buzzfeed unsolved, genshin impact, figure skating, mbti, psychology, physics, math, books, fics
×.×⸙.° insensitive people, coffee, exercising, playing sports, doin smth under pressure (time limit), socialising, crowded areas, fanwars
you are islamphobic, homophobic, support/are actively involved in queerbaiting, support bi/pan lesbians, hate on a certain fandom for no apparent reason, sexualize minors, get on the cancel cuture train without seeing all sides of the story, don't put your preferred pronouns (the last thing i want to do is to mispronouns you!), fit the basic dfi criteria
pls cw/tw rape/non-con, sexual harassment !!
i use profanities frequently (but i'll try to tone down if you'd kindly tell me to ^-^)
pls educate me if i've made some mistakes that i'm not aware of !
alert me anytime if you aren't comfortable with anything i write/say
it'll also be extremely helpful if you'd comment your earnest opinions on my fics such that i could improve with them in mind ♡ !!